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No. Product Description Model No. Version Language Size Download
001 Digi-Star Necklace MP3-With Screen DG88 V3 English 231KB
002 The 3rd G.Lovely Toy MP3 QC77 V4 English 231KB
003 MP3 Recording Pen MR65 V2 English 231KB
004 Bike MP3 Speaker BM98 V2 English 231KB
005 Card MP3 Player CM66 V1 English 231KB
006 Digi-Star Necklace BT Stereo Headset DT99 V2 English 231KB
007 Bluetooth MP3 H-F Carkit BHF967 V1 English 231KB
008 Lovely Toy PC Cam QCP68 V2.0 English 231KB
009 Cartoon PC Cam CFP79 V1.2 English 231KB
010 Digital Recorder-Silver Hawk SH333 V2.3 English 231KB
011 Digital Recorder-Thunder TU367 V2.2 English 231KB
012 Digital Recorder-Pebble PB437 V1.3 English 231KB
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