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Have you ever wondered who made those well-known magic props, such as Vapr, Pyro Mini, Sucker Punch, or Cube 3. Yes!  we are the developer and manufacturer of these innovative products. With more than a decade of experience in the development and manufacturing of magic props, we have gone through more than one hundred magic development projects, which have refined our expertise.

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When we were kids, we all fell in love with toys. Even though we are are now grown up, I believe that every adult still has a child in his heart, and it means a lot. Our dream is to build a toy world for adults. Being inspired by some great ideas as doing magic projects, we find our power of imagination to create some toys for adults. Therefore, besides continuing the magic ODM projects, this matter is what we are currently working on.

We are the pegasus  of your dreams. With the wings of imagination, the farther you can imagine, the higher we can help you fly.

1. I got an absolutely great idea, can you help me reach it?

2. What are the steps to go through from an idea to the prototype of the product? What should I do?

3. After the prototype is completed, before mass run, what are the things to evaluate?

Thanks to years of experience in developing props, especially in ODM gimmicks using smoke, fire and light. We have recently integrated our strengths to develop a serious of innovative products, including Fire Wand, Smoke Coaster, and Cloud Bottle…,etc.

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I absolutely love working with AudioTronic! Not only are they able to bring my ideas to life in a fast and reliable way, but they also continue inspiring me while I'm creating new products. I've never worked with a company that is so good at bringing my crazy ideas to fruition. If you're looking for a company you can trust to bring your ideas to life, I would highly recommend AudioTronic.
Adam Wilber