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My job is to make people dream. Of course, there’s a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes and a lot of hard work behind it, but I get to watch people see the result of that hard work and feel that wonder and feel that discovery all the time. —David Copperfield—

AudioTronic was founded in Taiwan in 1997. In the first 10 years, we had been engaged in the R&D and production of mobile phone accessories and digital products such as webcams, MP3, and Bluetooth devices. In 2010, we transfered all production lines and R&D to China and set up the company named Audiotronic in Dongguan in 2013. Since then, in addition to the original consumer electronics, we had also started producing magic products.

Due to the increasing business growth, we established another company JOY ELITE INC in 2016 to deal with international business and marketing development. After integrating resources and manpower, Joy Elite focuses on developing new clients and taking orders, mainly for magic projects. AudioTronic is responsible for R&D and production of the orders taken by Joy Elite. Since 2016, due to the division of production and sales, both companies can focus on the area they are good at.

In the past few years, with the steady growth of consumer electronics business, we have developed more than 100 magic projects, and we are continuing to develop more. Now we are one of the leading companies in producing excellent magic products.

Our task is to help the magician realize his dream. We can transform the magician’s hand-made props or his wildly-inventive ideas into ingenious products through our development and manufacturing ability, which can be modularized, mass-produced, and easily used to perform by the public.

As David said, our job is to help people fulfill their dreams, and of course, we are the technical inputs behind the scenes. “When the magic makes people wonder, you got to see something exceptional. It was the look on their faces.” (Quoted from “The Prestige”). Besides that, we further see the magicians’ excited expressions getting their ideas being embodied into products.

One can see a world from a grain of sand. Here we will show you a few items from more than one hundred magic projects that we have produced to get you a glimpse of the wonders of the magic world.

When working with AudioTronic to complete a perfect product, it feels like the joy of our baby being born.
—Eric Jones—


It is rare to see people like AudioTronic who is so good at turning an abstract ideas into concrete products in the western world. AudioTronic is the best. —Will Tsai—


If you’re looking for a company you can trust to bring your ideas to life, I would highly recommend AudioTronic.–Adam Wilber—

To see the magic world in a grain of sand

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What we are doing

Our mission, business model, order instruction, and our team members.
Make your life brilliant again

Our Team Members

The development and production of magic props or de-stress novelties for adults usually involve electronics, mechanism design, exterior design, or related fields like plastic molds and hardware molds.

For this reason, the members of our team are also professionals in these areas. The following is the introduction of our team members.

Bruce Liao


Sophia Yang


Josh Rao

Electronics Engineer

Bendy Ma

Mechanism Designer

Strong Lee

Engineer (Tooling)

Josef Wei

Firmware Designer

Selena Sun

Sales Asistant

David Qin

Production Manager

Our Mission

“We will grow up eventually, but those good things will never disappear.” —Toy Story—

Being inspired by some awesome ideas while doing magic projects, we always want to create some “toys” for adults. It’s exactly what we are doing now. Thus, besides those ODM projects, we are also engaged in developing our toy products, which we believe can recall “those good things.” 

Our Business Model

We will continue dedicating to custom projects for ODM cases, including but not limited to magic tricks. For most of the toy products we create, we will firstly raise funds on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to verify that the product ideas are liked and accepted by the market. Then we will do B2B marketing on our website.

Order Instruction

The minimum order quantity for the products on our website is 10 units, and we can deliver the orders to America, Europe, Japan, and so on.

  1. Sample request: 1~10 units, please order online.
  2. Small batch: 10~100 units, please order online.
  3. Medium batch: 101~500 units, please email us.
  4. Large batch: more than 500 units, please email us.