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Idea generation

Have you ever missed chasing fireflies under the moonlight in your childhood? You believe the parents having this beautiful memory will always want to share it with their children. Because of this, you come out with the idea of a firefly jar.

Fesibility Evaluation

Seeking for all possible solutions

Why don’t you share your firefly jar idea with us? We will propose 2 to 3 solutions to realize this idea for you.

Finalize the solution

After evaluating the material supply, production process, and cost, we will work out the most suitable solution for you to decide.

Define all specifications

Guiding by your ideas, we will define the function and preliminary specs. of the firefly jar.

estimate the cost

Based on the defined specs., we will make an estimation of the production cost of the project.

Designing & Prototype Making
To Fulfill Your Dream

Now the project enters the design stage. We will work on the exterior and interior design of the firefly jar until the result is satisfactory to you. We will further review and update the specs. and then design the electronic functions (including PCB and firmware design) based on it.

It’s necessary to make a sample to see if the exterior appearance is good and the functions can work smoothly. Thus, we start to make the first prototype.

Tooling Stage makes mass run become possible

Before mass production, some parts of the firefly jar are not readily available in the supply chain, so, it needs to make molds for them. The types of molds usually include silicone molds, plastic molds, and hardware molds.

It's Time For Mass Production

When the molds are done, the preparation for mass production of the firefly jar is completed. At this time, the unit cost, the lead time, and MOQ, etc. can be determined to provide you a basis in making your marketing plan.

Now, let us produce the firefly jar to fullfill your dream.

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