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Terms & conditions

our warranty


Effective date: October 01, 2019

1. We provide customers with a product warranty period of 12 months from the date of shipment.

2. During the warranty period, you can return defective products to us for repair and replacement.

3. The warranty will not cover the following situations.

  • Damage caused by improper operation, or some physical damage due to accidental negligence
  • Products that have been modified without our prior approval
  • Damage caused by improper storage or long storage time
  • Damage caused by the transportation.

our RMA procedure

RMA Procedure

Effective date: October 01, 2019

1. The Defects Return
  • Upon receipt of our shipment, please do full or random inspections (at least 5%) within 2 weeks. If the entire batch of products is found to be defective and confirmed by two sides, you can return it to AudioTronic for repair or replacement.
  • If the shipment has arrived for more than two weeks, you found the defective situation. No matter they are returned from your customers, or in your warehouse, please keep them temporarily in your place. We will evaluate and arrange a time for you to return them all within the warranty period.

2. Attribution of responsibility
  • If the defect is confirmed by two sides to be caused by us within two weeks of arrival, we will take care of all the repairing cost or the replacement, as well as the shipping cost for sending back the repaired product.
  • If we do not receive feedback saying that you have inspected and found defective products within two weeks of arrival, we will consider that all products have arrived in good condition and been accepted by you.
  • Afterwards, if you find defective products or the user returns the defective item, we will also be responsible for the costs of repair and replacement as long as the products are within the warranty period. However, you shall need to bear the shipping cost on both sending and returning these items.

3. About RMA Number
  • It is necessary for you to obtain an RMA number before returning any products to AudioTronic.
  • Before issuing an RMA number, we’d like to have a basic understanding about the defective status. Please send us your description via video, texts, or photos. Sometimes we can provide you with a solution after viewing the information you sent over. If not, we may request you to send back a few units for our further inspection. When we think they need to be repaired, we will issue an RMA number to you.
  • After inspection, when we verify that the product needs repair, the RMA number will be issued to you soon.
  • RMA number is valid for 30 days. Please return the defective products within 30 days. After that, RMA number will become invalid. A new RMA process needs to be run again at that time.

4. The defective description
  • When returning the defective products, and taking the shipping cost into account, please minimize the packaging of the product on the premise that the product won’t get damaged.
  • RMA number must be clearly marked on the cartons or the shipping documents. For returned products, make sure to put a defective note on each product or make a list to describe the defectiveness. It will help us speed up the inspection and testing.

5. The inspection and repairing
  • For returned products, we will check and test them within one week. Then we will report the results to you and inform you of the time required for repair. If the products are not within the warranty period, repair costs will be incurred. We will give you a cost estimate for your confirmation.
  • After receiving the defective products, if they are in stock, we will replace them with new products for you as soon as possible. If they need to be repaired, we will take care of it soon and then return the products to you. Generally, the process will take no more than 30 days after we received them from our customer.

6. The Shipping Address for The Defects

AudioTronic Tech Co., Ltd 3F, Bldg A, No. 376, Zhen An Chung Rd., Shang Sha South Dist. Chang An Zhen, Dong Guan City, Guan Dong Prov. China, Zip: 523867

Attention: RMA DEPT.

Contact: the representive sales and his cell phone no.