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AudioTronic is a Taiwanese company with a manufacturing base located in China. The brand Evil Bunny is under the umbrella of AudioTronic Tech. For 13 years we have specialized in creating and producing magical products for our customers all over the world. Our creative inspiration comes from the ideas of magicians and our extensive experience in creating magic projects.

The team that helps the magicians fulfill their dreams.

My job is to make people dream. Of course, there’s a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes and a lot of hard work behind it, but I get to watch people see the result of that hard work and feel that wonder and that discovery all the time. —David Copperfield—

A Transformational Journey in Taiwan and China

In 1997, AudioTronic took its first step in Taiwan. In the first decade since its establishment, we ventured into the development and production of mobile phone accessories, digital products, and more. From cellphone housing to webcams, MP3 players, and Bluetooth devices, we made the mark in Taiwan and China.

Empowering The Magicians’ Dreams with Innovative Products

However, in 2010, we embarked on a radical transformation, reshaping our production line in China. The focus shifted from digital products to something truly magical – the manufacture of magic props. For over a decade, this new direction has become our company’s core mission.

Turning The Magicians’ Dreams into Reality

AudioTronic’s primary goal is to empower magicians to achieve their dreams. With our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we transform handcrafted props and innovative ideas into clever products. By integrating China’s industry supply chains, we make them modular, mass-produced, and accessible for magicians to use in their performances.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

As David Copperfield said, our role is to assist individuals realize their dreams. We provide technology and expertise to turn innovative ideas into reality. As described in “The Prestige”: when the magic makes people wonder, you got to see something exceptional. It was the look on their face. We aim to craft exceptional experiences that leave our clients amazed and fulfilled. Witnessing the joy on their face when their ideas are brought to life is an invaluable reward.

Exploring the Wonders Created by the Magicians

You can see a world in a grain of sand! AudioTronic invites you to explore a vast world of enchantment. In this showcase, we have specially selected 12 products from the over 100 magic prop projects we’ve worked with hundreds of the magicians. Each product offers you a glimpse into the wonders of the magical world, while also demonstrating our innovative capabilities in development and manufacturing.

When working with AudioTronic to complete a perfect product, it feels like the joy of our baby being born.
—Eric Jones—


It is rare to see people like AudioTronic who is so good at turning abstract ideas into concrete products in the western world. AudioTronic is the best. —Will Tsai—


If you’re looking for a company you can trust to bring your ideas to life, I would highly recommend AudioTronic.–Adam Wilber—

To see the magic world in a grain of sand

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What we are doing

Our team members, our mission,
business model, and our working style.
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Our Team Members

Developing magic props requires expertise in various fields such as firmware design, electronics, internal mechanism design, appearance design, plastic molds, and hardware molds. Our team members are experts in these areas and possess the technical skills required to create high-quality magic props. In this section, you will be introduced to our core team members.

Bruce Liao


Sophia Yang


Josh Rao

Electronics Engineer

Bendy Ma

Mechanism Designer

Strong Lee

Engineer (Tooling)

Josef Wei

Firmware Designer

Selena Sun

Sales Asistant

David Qin

Production Manager

Our Mission

“We will grow up eventually, but those good things will never disappear.” —Toy Story—

We are on a mission to fulfill the dreams of magicians, creating exceptional moments of magic that will forever be etched into the memories of our audience.

Our ultimate goal is to make your dreams come true. With your original and exceptional idea, we will support you throughout the entire journey, ensuring your ideas become a reality.

Our Business Model

We will continue to explore the beautiful world of the magicians and devote ourselves to developing magic projects. With the wonder that magicians create, we will keep witnessing the mesmerizing expressions on the faces of the audience.

How to Work with Us?

Are you a magician or a magic prop shop? Do you have a brilliant idea or see potential in the magic market? We are here to help you elevate to the next level. Our core capabilities lie in the development and manufacturing of magic props, and we are dedicated to using them to benefit you. Let us work together to bring your magic to life.